FAQs about Agents and Books

What is this newsletter about?

It attempts to answer the most common questions I get about literary agents, publishing, and writing.

Who should subscribe to it?

Everyone and all your friends, too. But mostly those who would like to make writing books their career.

How often will it come out?

Twice a week, free on Tuesdays and for paid subscribers on Thursdays.

What’s in the free version?

I want to provide the most vital information about literary agents and publishing for free so that everyone has access to it.

What do I get if I pay for this?

Paid subscribers will get more inside baseball discussions on what’s going on in publishing, writing, and books. I may cover thing like how I sold this book, why I signed this up, and what’s wrong with this query letter (not a real one, that’s cruel). BUT ALSO, most Thursdays will be Q&A Thursdays, where paid subscribers can email me questions (anonymously) and I’ll answer them!

Who are you?

I joined the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency in 2006 and became Vice President in 2011. You can see the books I’ve worked on here. I am also a writer, and you can find my work here. I’m represented by Michael Bourret at Dystel, Goderich and Bourret. I’m very often on Twitter @kate_mckean

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