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I love this so much. Both the origin story and the advice. It does make me a little overwhelmed to think of someone writing 25 books by the time I've written my first though.

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Haha! Same here!

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It’s comforting to know that the feeling of “am I any good at this” never quite leaves, ever after 24 books.

This was very insightful, thanks!

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Well that's one heck of an origin story. I remember letting my imagination run wild on zombie possibility with my wife back when we were first dating. Stuff of pure fantasy!

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Terrific advice! I'd love to read more of these interviews.

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I love this! As a ghostwriter, I always roll my eyes at people who have written 3 or 4 books and still don't advocate for strenuous plotting before writing. At some point in the journey of writing larger numbers of books, you realise how much easier and better the work is with a plan in place.

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I totally agree with this, Rhiannon. I meticulously planned my fourth novel and then had a baby before I could finish it. Literally, I finished mid-sentence and didn’t come back to the manuscript for seven months. If it hadn’t been for the plan, I would have been completely lost.

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We never know what might happen in the middle of our work! Such a good point.

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“But STEPHEN KING doesn’t plot,” they’ll say to you. 😂

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Quantity is a number - I’d love some success as a writer- publisher . With 40 books on Amazon , it doesn’t mean much if your material isn’t being seen , or maybe it’s not very popular .

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I love the idea of collaborative storytelling! It reminds me of a role playing Harry Potter forum I was OBSESSED with as a teenager. Now, as an author, I can chart my journey back to those thousands and thousands of posts - I’m so sure it’s where my love of fiction writing started. Inspiring stuff!

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Great insight and encouragement for overwhelmed writers! Also the gladiator book is a great idea now as everyone is talking about the Roman Empire 🙌🏻

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Love pieces like this that give insight into authors’ lives and processes!

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This is the coolest “how and agent and author connected” story I have ever heard.

Thanks for sharing this interview. It’s oddly comforting to know someone two dozen books in still doubts their skill and craft at times. Imposter syndrome haunts us forever, I suppose.

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Thank you for sharing this interview with lovely Maddie. I think I can really use her inspirational, “imagining” idea to really picture who is reading and enjoying the book and I wholeheartedly agree with hard outlines. Very detailed before drafting. Fantastic agent questions-author advice, we thank you both!

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Amazing! 🙌🏻 Thank you for sharing with us!

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Congratulation go out to Madeleine Roux for landing with an agent and agency who stand with her, and back her up on marketing and sales. In my experience, this is a rare commodity.

I have spoken to a lot of "agents" and there is a recurring theme in their diatribe.

"You are not known, do not contact me again."

I have published somewhat successful science fiction, and nonfiction, books that are purchased world wide.

Am I on a list? No.

Did I sell millions of copies? No.

Why you may ask, it is because I am doing it all myself, footing the entire bill, trying to market with almost a zero budget.

If there was a single agent out there who would read something of mine and offer a suggestion, or consider taking a chance on an UNKNOWN author, I would be impressed.

From my experience over the past decade - an agent, or group, will talk to you if you are a known value to them. If you are like me, not a household name, there are very few avenues open to travel.

Seriously, my 30+ books, all self-published, are all on my website. I sell them direct at a discount, or through Amazon, or at book and craft fares.

Do I make a mint? No, most of the time I make enough to cover my gas.

So why do I do it?

At any given time I have three or four stories at various stages of completion. Currently, I have three. A Science Fiction, a Fiction, and a Nonfiction.

I get a story or book idea, and let it sit for a week in my head until I fill in the details. Once I have it, I sit and write, watching the movie in my head and simply write what I see.

I have created places, universes, good guys and bad guys, life, love, family, and death.

I do not do it to get rich, but honestly, that would be nice.

I publish four to six books a year. Written, edited, formatted, and published by me.

By now, you are asking where am I going with this monologue. No where, I suppose.

As an author, your level of success is 30% talent, 40% who you know who is helping you, and 30% luck.

I guess I may have the 60% covered. Maybe someday I will find the last 40%.

If you are curious, look at https://AuthorCancilla.com

I would appreciate a little feedback.

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