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Why I Keep Quitting Running

Hating What You Write is Totally Normal

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How Come That Person Got All That Money?

Q&A Thursday

Is It Ok To Revise and Resend A Query?

How to Catch Up


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When a Podcast is like a Memoir

Is Your Podcast a Book?

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What Do Agents Want?

The Only Three Publishing Questions You'll Ever Need to Ask

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What "Optioned" Means

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Is My Agent Still My Agent?

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How to Create the Best Virtual Author Event on the Planet

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Why Isn't My Book Available in England?

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Start at the Beginning

Don't Worry. You're Fine.

How to Become an Agent

Don't Be Afraid of Agents

What's an Option Clause?

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Is My Gut Problematic?

What Does a **Like** Mean?

The Continuum of Truth in Fiction

Clicks vs An Audience

The After

Q&A Thursday!

The List is not a Monolith

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Publishing Paid Me

What Do You Do?

How To Do Anything

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Query Letters for Non-Fiction

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What it's Like to Go on Submission

It’s Never One Thing

Don't Lose the Plot

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The Novel of the Future

True Beginners


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How to Pitch Anything

Quarantine & Answers

Meeting Agents IRL

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How to Concentrate

Sooooo When Can You Actually Follow Up

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How Many Books Does A Tour Sell Anyway?

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How to Optimize Your Writing for the Market

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How To Learn To Love Outlining

What Does ~I Didn’t Fall in Love With it~ Mean?

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How Not to Hurt Yourself Writing or Reading

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If You Want to Publish with a Small Press

It Doesn't Matter If Your Grandma Loves Your Book

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Why I'm Not Reopening to Queries

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