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Q&A Thursday

How Do I Know if My Book is Good Enough?

Q&A Thursday

How'd That Thing Go?

Q&A Thursday

A Gift Guide!

On Avoidance

Q&A Thursday


Make Those Two Guys the Same Guy

This Machine Will Make You Write More

Q&A Thursday

We Know What You Want to Hear

The Power of Word of Mouth

How to Have an Agent

Q&A Thursday

Publishing Doesn't Owe You

Free for All--An Open Thread for Everyone

Q&A Thursday

THE END is Just the Beginning

Q&A Thurdsay

Nothing New Under the Sun

Q&A Thursday

Why Do You Think You're the Exception?

Here's Why The Jokes Don't Land

No Jokes About It

Q&A Today!

2022, So Far

Pull the Center Thread

Should You Do It?

Thursday Open Thread

All the Marketing You Cannot See

Then Everyone Would Do It

Q&A Thursday

The Bare Minimum

The Three Phases of Creating a Book

Should You Enter a Contest for a Book Deal?

All the Important Details

Back to the Future Strikes Again

How To Get Answers

Q&A Thursday

How Non-Fiction Isn't All That Different from Fiction


Writing Advice

Sum/Some of its Parts

Checking in

Q&A Thursday

You Can't Please Everyone

Invite The Reader In

Duration, Frequency, Intensity

Q&A Thursday

How Auctions Work

Not Your Dad's YA

Twelve Lessons from One Book

What do you need?

Professional Jealousy

Q&A Thursday

Name That Feeling

Q&A Thursday

What if There's No Social Media?

What I'm Reading

A Real Query Letter (That I Wrote)

Are You Bothering People?

Q&A Thursday

What Does an Agent Do?

Q&A Thursday

Would You Like to Read My Picture Book that Didn't Sell?

But Wait. Maybe You Should?

Stuff You Do Not Have to Do as a Writer

The Most Important Skill a Writer Can Have

How do YOU Define Success?

How Do You Define Success?

Q&A Thursday

This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco

How the Books Get Made

Q&A Thursday!

Work Backwards

What to Tell and What to Hold Back

Not Just Words on a Page

Q&A Friday

So You Want to Write a Short Story Collection

What's Happening Over There?

How to Sound Like You Know About Publishing

Tell Me About Your Book

Who Owns What?

Q&A Thursday

Do You Need an Author Website?

Stakes + Time = Tension

Have It Your Way