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How to Plan Next Year's Goal

Q&A Thursday

Untangle the Necklace

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An Ode to Unproductivity

Q&A Thursday

I Can't Come to the Phone Right Now

Q&A Thursday

I Am Invincible

The Hard Stuff

The One Who Got Away

The Big Painting

It's Ok Not To Know

Q&A Thursday

An Abdication of Should

What to Include and What to Leave Out

Don't Be Dr. Frankenstein

Tell Me So What

Thirteen Ways of Looking at That Thing You Want to Write

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Do You Need to Hire a Marketing Person?

Secret Query Tips

How To Write 25 Books

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I Am Reopening to Queries on October 2

What I Think About When I Think About Queries

Platforms Redux

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Bad Case of the I Don't Wannas

End of Summer Open Thread!

Q&A Thursday

How I'm Writing My Book

Q&A Thursday

The Hardest Thing to Do Is Nothing

What's World Building?

But Will You Get Pigeonholed?


The Lure of the Shiny New Project

A Bunch of Writing Books I Just Bought

What's a Competitive Works Clause?

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Stuff to Write Down

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Q&A Thursday


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The Writer's Bargain

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What's Your Favorite Book?

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What is a Book Packager?

Q&A Today

How to Come Up With a Title

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You Don't Have to Get an A+ in Writing

How do I Know if My Agent is the Problem?

All the Answers I Wish I Had

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Tell Me What You Think

Q&A Thrusday

Explaining Royalties and Advances! With Real Numbers!

A List of Things That Make Me Automatically Reject Your Work

You Should Do Whatever You Want

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Back on the Horse

Some Things Aren't a Book

Think of the Reader

What Do Agents Want?

A Regular Gig

Surprise Open Thread!

How Many Clocks are in Your Manuscript?

They're Teaching it All Wrong

The Difference Between Set Up and Plot

What's Your 2026 Look Like?

Q&A Thursday

"Oh, You're a Writer?"

Q&A Thursday

Do Not Use AI to Write Your Query

I Have a Writing Hangover

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The Myth of Everyone Says So

Q&A Thursday

Kate McKean’s Rules

Q&A Thursday

<Overwhelmed Scream>

Q&A Thursday

Is a Good Book All About the ~~Vibes~~?

Every Book is Harder Than the Last

Why This Book Worked

First Q&A of 2023

Four Years of Agents & Books